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Citizen Watches - Innovative Ideas Brought To Life

Since its founding in the early twentieth century, Citizen Watches has carried a primary goal and an unwavering responsibility to deliver flawless products to loyal customers. Citizen Watches make sure to give you a product you trust and believe won't let you down, watches that can tell you the precise, accurate time every time you look at your watch....

Citizen takes it upon itself to deliver the finest quality of men's and women's watches by focusing on the smallest of details.The story behind each one of Citizen watches begins with the smallest part. Every part and component of the Citizen watches are manufactured by Citizen from A to Z. Even the machines that manufacture the parts are developed by Citizen to ensure that they meet the specific requirements needed for the production.The pieces are assembled into the final product with craftsmanship and professionalism that concludes the story of each Citizen piece with a new success.

Citizen Watches, designed to put you on the path of excellence

Over the years, Citizen has developed unparalleled expertise presenting many high technologies, styles and types of women's and men's watches that became flag marks of innovation that people love and follow. Citizen Watches Oman provides its modern and unique products in the Oman market to reach the discerning buyers who believe in the Citizen brand and its determination to provide the latest modern and impressive technologies within the framework of sustainability and environmental preservation.

The Right Place To Buy Your Citizen Watches Oman Online

Now you can buy watches in Muscat, Salalah and all over the Oman with ease, offering a wide variety of choices from your trusted brand from the comfort of your home. Buy watches online through our website, browse through our different types and super functional watches such as Citizen Eco-Drive, Citizen Promaster, automatic watches, quartz watches etc. Read the story behind each design and innovation to choose the watch that represents your lifestyle and expresses your personality.

By researching, developing and conducting tests to reach the best, Citizen offers the latest designs that occupy a leadership position in development and innovation on the one hand, and the elegance of creation and the comfort of wearing Citizen watches on the other hand.


Citizen Watch Price in Oman

In the Oman the price of Citizen watches ranges from OMR 50 to OMR 3200. Shop Citizen watch Promaster models starting at OMR 150. The best-selling Eco-Drive models ranges from OMR 100 to OMR 500.
ModelPrice *
Promaster Blue Angels CB5848-57LOMR 316.05
Promaster Blue Angels JY8078-52LOMR 280.35
Promaster Sky Blue Angels BJ7006-56L OMR 150.15
Promaster World Timer CB5001-57EOMR 264.60
Mechanical Men NJ0170-83XOMR 162
Mechanical Men NJ0150-81Z OMR 133.35
Eco-Drive Chronograph CA4500-16XOMR 101.85


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